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Galleria d'arte moderna

The villa, until 1970 owned by the famous Galvani family of entrepreneurs, is located within the homonymous city park, close to the historic centre.

It has the typical structural characteristics of a Venetian villa, but it was not possible to accurately attribute the date of construction. From what emerges from the study of the cadastral maps, the complex is realized at different times. From the Lombard-Veneto land register (1831-1851) only the central square-shaped two-storey building with attic appears, while from the Austro-Italian land register (1851-1943), the building shows itself already modified with a rectangular plan for the construction of two side bodies leaning against each other. Towards the lowlands you can also see two small buildings, which probably served as warehouses.

In 1970 the villa, home of the Galvani family, was sold to the Municipality of Pordenone. Since 1990 it has been open to the public as a venue for temporary exhibitions. In 2010, to the historic building was added another communicating body, of modern architecture, which gave life to the space of the Gallery, today the headquarters of the PAFF! (Palazzo Arti Fumetto Friuli).